Ministry Highlights

1st Week of June to the Last Week of August Every Friday Night

With key ministry voices lifting up targeted prayers including Apostle Cedric Taylor (Memphis), Bishop Odis Sneed (Atlanta), Pastor Grant Gregory (Mississippi), Pastor Barbara Still (Houston), Prophet Milton Coats, Apostle Mike Wicker and many other ministry gifts from all over America who believe with us for Revival

Prayer Room Update

Since May 8, 2023, Brother Pate is shut in 24/7 to pray for peace, to distribute 200,000 bottles of the Holy Anointed Oil and to bring together 100,000 praying grandmothers to impact our city and the nation. Visitors are welcome to come and to pray with him at 700 Scenic Highway in Baton Rouge.

For the first 21 Days, Bishop Pate was silent. Then he announced to the nation that "God is listening, your voice shall be heard." In addition to the "Live" daily noonday national messages by telephone, every Friday during June, July and August, the nation called in for 12 Hours of Prayer (10PM to 10AM) with key ministry voices lifting up targeted prayers focused on murder ceasing and fear coming out of the hearts of the people in Baton Rouge.

Also, from Monday to Friday at 12PM CST, call 225-364-0012 to hear a "Live" Message



May 8, 2024 Prophetic Word, "Broken Feet at a Golden Table"

Listen to the Word delivered on April 8, 2024

April 27-28 Lit Festival

Praises went up and the blessings came down! Souls were saved and some were baptized at the Memorial Stadium. The atmosphere was fire and hundred of bottles of the Holy Anointed Oil were distributed to children, teens and young adults. Revival in the young people is underway to save Baton Rouge due to the heart of Evangelist Darryl & Kerra Ingraham and the Lit Festival team. To GOD be the glory!

3rd Prophetic Word Delivered on April 8, 2024

The Black Prophet in Babylon. The Solar Eclipse. Time Running Out.

Listen to the Word delivered on April 8, 2024

March 15-17 Festival of Life Update

CPM supported and the Prayer House became command central to distribute the Holy Anointed Oil and to receive many Pastors, ministers, visitors and volunteers for prayer. Many came from other cities to help. 10,000 households were visited to meet immediate needs and to pray together. During the 3 days of the Festival, March 15-17, GOD intervened and moved in the midst of severe weather warnings and rain. Still 3000 attended, 568 souls were saved. Also, more salvations happened each day as ministers walked the grounds to pray and pass out the Holy Anointed Oil. Afterwards 40 Pastors and Ministers had dinner to celebrate together and report on new members in the churches. Thanks to Pastors Butch & Susan Labauve and the River Ministries International Church Family in Addis, Louisiana for spearheading this life-changing event.


The Prophetic Word for 2024

Listen to the Word

December: Tent Revival on the Prayer House Grounds

tent revival

November: Murder rate in East Baton Rouge sees a dramatic drop

The Baton Rouge Police Department and East Baton Rouge Sheriff''s Office report a notable improvement compared to homicides in the same period in 2022 and 2021
Aritcle in The Advocate | WAFB Article

10PM to 10AM 12 Hour United Prayer

with key ministry voices lifting up targeted prayers - Apostle Cedric Taylor, Bishop Odis Sneed

Prayer House Background

The Prayer House is a former abandoned used car lot shack located at 700 Scenic Highway in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This is the place where Bishop Pate began full-time ministry by preaching to 50 empty chairs outside on the grounds of the car lot.

This is the 4th time he has shut in to focus on hearing from God to serve His people:

  • 1994 to 1995 for 7 1/2 months. During the first 40 days, the LORD spoke to him to pray over olive oil and to distribute this Holy Anointed Oil free of charge all over the world. It was also during that time the Lord gave him the Grace Agreement. Highlights included Evangelist Billy Graham calling him to pray as well as the President of the United States.
  • 2002 for 4 months to identify with the pain and suffering of the elderly who have no one to care for them.
  • 2014 at the North Harrell’s Ferry Rd church location where he personally received over 5000 telephone calls and did not leave the church grounds for 11 1/2 months. In 2016, that facility was lost in the flood and the church relocated to 5686 Winbourne Ave.
  • 2023 until now to seek God to take murder off the streets and to remove fear out of the hearts of His people. Also his assignment is to distribute 200,000 more bottles of the Holy Anointed Oil in Baton Rouge and to organize 100,000 Praying Grandmothers.

Be a part of this sovereign grace shift! Thank you for your love, prayers, and financial support.

House of Prayer

Sovereign Grace


10 AM Sunday Service at 5686 Winbourne Ave, Baton Rouge & By Phone

12 PM Monday through Friday, Bishop Pate is teaching "Live" at 12PM CST

7 PM Tuesday "Hour of Expectation" National Prayer Line

Call 225-364-0012 Central Time

Uniting Praying Grandmothers. Call 225-312-1774 to join.

Here the Prophetic Word delivered from the Prayer House on November 11, 2023 at 11:00AM

Holy Anointed Oil

Holy Anointing Oil

200,000 Bottles of the Holy Anointed Oil to Baton Rouge Streets

Bishop Pate is on assignment to get 200,000 bottles of the Holy Anointed Oil to the streets of Baton Rouge. We are asking for you to sow into this by giving to cover the cost of 10,000 bottles at $2500. Help us anoint Baton Rouge to help turn this city around.

Holy Anointed Oil for You

We send the HOLY ANOINTED OIL out absolutely free of charge in obedience to the LORD JESUS CHRIST! Why? Because you can not buy a blessing from GOD! The OIL works by the sovereign grace of GOD and HIS HOLY SPIRIT will direct you how to use it.

We would be grateful if you would call us or write us with your testimony. Also, if you are led, please sow a seed so that others can be blessed.

For all prayer requests:

For Lady Sandra Pate:

Thank you and be blessed in JESUS’ name!

Receive Holy Anointed Oil

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