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About Festival of Life

Festival of Life is a community event for families. Appealing to all ages, we are bringing music, games, and a message of hope to our community. We have acquired the Gus Young BREC Park on March 15th, 16th, 17th. The nightly schedule, event details, and training in follow-up procedures will all be handled by Pastor Butch LaBauve and a team from River Global. Pastor Butch is the founder of River Ministries International and River Global Institute. He has been preaching the Gospel since 1993 and has discipled, ministered and planted churches around the world.

We will meet with local leaders and churches to determine the areas of greatest need, which will positivley impact the community. Festival of Life was birthed in 2017, with over 11,000 people in attendance and 2,897 people made a decision to follow Jesus! It was one of the largest events this area has ever seen. There were many giveaways for the community in the form of free groceries, gift cards, bikes and other items.

Festival of Life seeks to positively impact the community. Along with meeting physical needs, it is our belief that the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ can change hearts and set those in bondage free. Whether individuals are struggling financially, with addiction or the community is crime-stricken and families are broken, introducing a relationship with Christ changes people. It changes families. When people and families prosper, so do communities. Each evening an evangelist will bring a powerful message of hope to those in attendance at Festival of Life.

Festival of Life

Murder rate in East Baton Rouge sees a dramatic drop

Murder rate in East Baton Rouge sees a dramatic drop

The second quarter of 2023 saw an 8.62% decrease in homicides compared to the same period in 2022. The Baton Rouge Police Department and East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office report a notable improvement compared to homicides in the same period in 2022 and 2021. Data also shows a 22.16% reduction in non-fatal shooting incidents for the same period across both agencies. The last four years East Baton Rouge has averaged 10 murders per month. In the months of August, September and October of 2023 there were 10 murders for all three months. God is hearing the prayers of His saints and a difference is being made in our city.
Aritcle in The Advocate | WAFB Article

Returning to the Prayer House

On May 8, 2023, Bishop Dwight Pate will be returning to the Prayer House where it all began. That little shack at 700 Scenic Highway, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which started as a used car lot, where Bishop Pate felt the call of God, set up and preached to 50 empty chairs, has been restored and renovated.

The Prayer House has been a place of refuge and vision, direction and communion with the Holy Spirit, throughout Bishop Pate's ministry. To date, he has shut up to pray three times: in 1994 for 7 1/2 months. Thousands of bottles of Holy Anointed Oil were freely distributed and many outstanding testimonies were broadcast on the WNDC radio station. And in 2000, he stayed for 5 months to identify with the pain and suffering of the elderly. His last prayer vigil was in 2014 where he received over 5000 calls and did not leave the church grounds for 11 1/2 months.

It was during the first shut in that the LORD spoke to him to pray over olive oil and to distribute this Holy Anointed Oil free of charge all over the world. It was also during that time the Lord gave him the Grace Agreement.

We are believing God to take murder off the streets and to remove fear out of the hearts of the people. Let's pray together for revival.

Thank you for your love, prayers, and financial support.

House of Prayer Then and Now

The Prophetic Shall Be Revealed.

God will allow the deceit in our hearts to be revealed through the prophetic. The Holy Spirit is calling each of us to repentance. He is calling each of us back to Holiness.

The Mystery of the Serpent Head --The beast shall be wounded and shall multiply and deceive the great and simple.

Hear this Word of Clarity and escape the Illusion, Keep your focus on the focus assigned and commanded by Jesus.

This type of blindness can only be destroyed through Prophetic Knowledge, Fasting, and Prayer.

The Sovereign Grace shift has opened gates for supernatural understanding, protection, mercy, and forgiveness for those that need healing from the pain of a wounded spirit.

We must move on quickly to God's destiny. Keep your focus on Jesus and NOT on the works of the dreams of men.

Jeremiah 29:7-9

Listen to the Word delivered on December 26, 2023

Sovereign Grace


10 AM Sunday Service at 5686 Winbourne Ave, Baton Rouge & By Phone

12 PM Monday through Friday, Bishop Pate is teaching "Live" at 12PM CST

7 PM Tuesday "Hour of Expectation" National Prayer Line

Call 225-364-0012 Central Time

Uniting Praying Grandmothers. Call 225-312-1774 to join.

Here the Prophetic Word delivered from the Prayer House on November 11, 2023 at 11:00AM

Holy Anointed Oil

Holy Anointing Oil

200,000 Bottles of the Holy Anointed Oil to Baton Rouge Streets

Bishop Pate is on assignment to get 200,000 bottles of the Holy Anointed Oil to the streets of Baton Rouge. We are asking for you to sow into this by giving to cover the cost of 10,000 bottles at $2500. Help us anoint Baton Rouge to help turn this city around.

Holy Anointed Oil for You

We send the HOLY ANOINTED OIL out absolutely free of charge in obedience to the LORD JESUS CHRIST! Why? Because you can not buy a blessing from GOD! The OIL works by the sovereign grace of GOD and HIS HOLY SPIRIT will direct you how to use it.

We would be grateful if you would call us or write us with your testimony. Also, if you are led, please sow a seed so that others can be blessed.

For all prayer requests:

For Lady Sandra Pate:

Thank you and be blessed in JESUS’ name!

Receive Holy Anointed Oil

To receive your Holy Anointed Oil, please provide your contact details below:

Grace Agreement