Sovereign Grace In My Life

The Bible says in Matthew 7:8-7, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened

In 1994-1995, December through July, I asked, I sought, I knocked and I received…a sovereign move of God’s spirit was released in the City of Baton Rouge, Louisiana that reached throughout the world!

Five years before, I was burned out from ministry. I only had strength for 2 hours a day. I was hurt emotionally and strugglingto manage the largest inner city ministry in town and one of the largest inner city works in the nation. The church had grown to over 4000 members with 120 paid staff and a team of 600 volunteer workers. Yet I faced debt of approximately $100,000 every month, a bad marriage and personal problems at home, the burdens of governmental problems, the challenges of street ministry and the demands of the congregations– it was just too much. We had over 40,000 people daily listening to our radio ministry (which was blessed to become the #4 radio station in the market). Our school, our bank, two radio stations, a drycleaning business, an active tent ministry that seated 1000 people (and where over 35,000 people across the state were baptized) were impacting our state. All of this, plus setting up tents from Louisiana to Chicago, from Tennessee to Mississippi, meant making decisions…and more decisions. I was the most busiest successful failure in the city in my spirit. In fact, I was the most busiest successful failure that I knew.

One day in despair, I heard the voice of GOD say to me, “Go back to the little shack where you started”. Our GOD was telling me to return to 700 Scenic Highway, an abandoned used car lot 8×10 shack, and pray. So many memories were there. So many times of much pure joy! And the feeling of being complete in ministry was found there many years before. This is where I would put up 50 empty chairs and preach to them from noon until the sun would go down, all day long without one person in attendance. From that place, I fell in love with GOD and HE gave me so much peace. HE spoke to me and said that, “I will use you to reach the city from this place”. GOD told me to sanctify that place and dedicate it to HIM as a place of prayer so we called it the Prayer House.

It had been many, many years since I had spent quality time there. I did not know that I would find myself there for 7 ½ months. On the third day, GOD healed my emotions and restored my strength. I heard HIS voice again and HE told me to announce across the airwaves that HE was moving by HIS SPIRIT. It was the same voice that I heard in 1967 when I was 13 years old, on the mourner’s bench at the New Zion Baptist Church in the Tunica Hills of Louisisana.

GOD said to tell the people to call the radio station and announce to the 40,000 people listening across the 14 parishes. This is what I said to the people in obedience to our GOD, “I can not leave the Prayer House until GOD shows up at your house, and the true worshippers houses”.

I was praying 22 hours a day for the first 40 days and on that day HIS voice came again and HE said, “The law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by my son JESUS CHRIST” John 1:15-17

On that day, HE had me to write the 10 principles of grace, The Grace Agreement.(see the link below to get your copy). That same week HE spoke again saying, “Pray over olive oil and I will turn the world upside down”. So I did. I obeyed GOD and called for the people to come and receive the HOLY ANOINTED OIL.

We placed the toll free number on each bottle and told the people when they received a blessing, to call in to WNDC radio station , stop the music from playing over the airwaves and testify. At first, the testimonies were crazy! Someone used the oil to put a fire out in their car, someone used the oil to unstop their toilet. I knew too much Bible to let this go on. Just as I was ready to stop the testimonies, GOD spoke. HE said, “If you touch that phone you will never touch another. These are not your miracles. These are mine.” Halleulujah! Then a ten year old called and said that he had put the oil on his blind grandmother’s handkerchief and grandmother began to call out, “I can see, I can see!”.

I Corinthians 1:25-31 reminds us that the foolishness of God is wiser than men. The move of GOD always empowers the people, and not just a chosen few appointed by leadership.

After about a month of miracles and wonders and signs through the oil, the supernatural began happening across America and letters started pouring in from around the world, wherever the oil would show up. People were getting the oil out, some were mailing it out around the world. Calls were coming in from world leaders. And daily I would cry out over the airwaves at the radio station, “I can not leave the prayerhouse until God shows up at the true worshippers house”.

About a month later, God’s voice came again. HE said, “Pass out the oil and tell the people not to believe”. I wrestled with the thought that every faith teacher in town would call me a heretic. By now the word was out that I had lost my mind because I would not leave the shack.

I’m telling the people what GOD is saying. HIS instructions continued. HE told me not to tell the people what to do with the oil. HE said that He would speak to the people to tell them what to do with it. It was out of my control. He just said “Dwight pass it out and let them use the radio station as a platform to testify”. It was like spiritual madness. Wild crazy things were happening 24 hours a day.

In the back of my mind, I really thought I had something to do with the miracles. The miracles were not happening until I went to the Prayer House. And now I was passing the oil out and telling the people they do not have to believe. I obeyed and the same type of miracles took place. God spoke to me and said, “These are my wonders, my signs, my miracles. They are not yours! It is my sovereign grace. The generation before you did not know anything about the Greek and the Hebrew Scriptures. They were a people that could barely read my word, yet you would hear them say all the time when you were a child, that I am God all by myself, I don’t need anyone else to be God. I don’t need your permission to show forth my character and my nature. I am a wonder and if you seek me, you will find me! You are seeing and hearing my sovereignty. My sovereign grace moved in the holy oil in the first century. And I am showing up by my sovereign power now!”

In Mark 6:7-13, JESUS said take nothing on your journey even to the point of money. GOD gave them power over all demons, sickness and disease. And they took the oil that had been blessed by sovereign grace. James, the half brother of JESUS, who saw him after the resurrection, and who had received power by JESUS HIMSELF and by the HOLY SPIRIT wrote in his writings, “If there be any sick among you, anoint them with the holy oil”. Why would the Apostle James, the half brother of JESUS CHRIST, need oil as a point of contact in James 5:13-16? I believe in the first century, GOD placed his sovereign grace in the Holy Oil that had been blessed. It is not a point of contact.

A point of contact means you have to believe, but when sovereign grace shows up, your faith is not necessary. You know there are many theories out there. A theory is no more than a lie a man tells himself until the truth shows up. Seek and you will find. Ask and it shall be given. Knock and the doors shall be opened.

Apostle Paul said in Ephesians 3:3 that he was a prisoner of God’s sovereign grace and that revelation was revealed unto him. Ephesisans 3:1-21 says that God turned him into a gift to bring the gifts of God by revelation and power unto the body of CHRIST to the world. It came through suffering according to Acts 9:15-16. And he was chosen to suffer to reveal revelation of the hidden mysteries of God.

During this same period of time in the Prayer House, I wrestled with the embarrassment and the shame, and the humiliation of bringing this truth of God to my city. I cried out to GOD, HE reminded me of Hebrews 11:6 that says, “Without faith, it is impossible to please HIM”. Oh God, I won’t have any ministry left when you finish with me, but nevertheless, I will obey you. I’m willing to give up everything at your WORD and to my own destruction of what I believed before. I will die! I obeyed God and I gave up my safe and secure beliefs and teachings to surrender to HIS sovereign grace.

Therefore, when sovereign grace shows up, it destroys your former concepts and doctrines and thoughts concerning who GOD is and what HE will do. The Bible says in Psalms 105 that the children of GPD saw the acts of GOD, but Moses knew HIS ways. When GOD reveals HIS unlimited powers and abilities from a historical text in the Bible to a present now reality, you realize most of what you were taught and knew about GOD was truly limited to human intellect.

Yes, GOD according to Hebrews 13:8 is the same yesterday, today and forever. GOD lives in a dimension of eternity and not time. GOD is still choosing men as a gift to release HIS gifts among men in the earth. HE said, “Son, this is my sovereign grace that you see and you are hearing. An example of this could be likened to a lady going to a store to buy roach poison. She can hold it in her hand driving from the store quoting from her lips “I don’t believe, I don’t believe.” But when she sprays it on the roach when she makes it home, the roach will die. She can say this stuff is not going to work. But the roach will die, not by the hand of the woman, but by the mind of the chemist in the laboratory. GOD has miracles in HIS mind that HE will release upon the earth whether men believe it or not.

Phillipians 1:6 says to those that seek HIM, be confident of this very thing that HE that begun a good work in you shall complete it. It’s a wonderful thing to know that the same sovereign grace that was poured out in the first century is available here and now to those that are not afraid to suffer for HIS name’s sake. Phillipians 1:7 says you are partakers of my favor in GOD. There is favor and a sovereign move of GOD that awaits the gift that will become a giver; the life that will become a living sacrifice; the free man that will become a prisoner; the steward that will release it all. What a wonderful exchange to give up your nothing for everything!

GOD is looking for stewards of HIS sovereign grace. The Apostle Paulsaid, “When I came unto you brother, I came not with excellency of speech declaring unto you the testimony of God”. He was explaining that your faith should not stand in the intellect of men, but in the power of God. In the secular world, knowledge understood and acted upon produces power, but not so in the kingdom of GOD. Power acted upon produces knowledge according to Paul in I Corinthians 2 we must dare to lose ourselves in search of GOD’S presence, which is HIS power. HIS power releases knowledge to you, unlimited knowledge, knowledge beyond your human intellect. This knowledge can not be explained, you can only possess the ability to proclaim it. We are only reporters of God’s grace.

The human mind has not the intellect or the capability to explain the goings on behind the miracles, the proof of the action, of GOD. There has not even been human words created to explain GOD and what HE does by HIS sovereign grace. In his infinite love for us and by HIS sovereign grace, GOD allows us to be a witness. Accept it! Ask God for the faith and the grace to accept it. He uses whomever HE desires. I’m praying that HE will use you from this day forward.

So in essence, I came to understandt aht God’s grace releases HIS power. Then a great demand was placed upon me to overcome logic and to earch the scriptures. The sovereign grace is in Exodus 3 in the bush. In the fourth chapter, it went from the bush to the rod. The sovereign grace in the rod brought the most mightiest nation at that time in world history, the Egyptian empire, to its knees. It freed 3.5 million Israelite slaves, opened up the red sea, and brought food, water, clothing and shelter (air conditioning by day and a fireplace by night) to sustain a nation in the desert for 40 years. sovereign grace showed up again in Joshua 6 where GOD tucked HIMSELF in the 7 day journey in the shout. HIS sovereign grace showed up in Judges 15″15 in the dry jawbone of an ass. Samson destroyed 1000 trained soldiers with a jawbone. All through the Old Testament, God moved without man’s permission or his faith.

In the New Testament, God’s sovereign power is revealed in Luke 8:26-40, when sovereign grace walks upon the nakedness of a demon possessed man and gives him his mind back. That man did not get up singing amazing grace that morning. He did not get up quoting his favorite scripture. He did not even have GOD on his mind. But grace found him. Grace delivered him and grace caused him to publicize the goodness of GOD to a whole region in the time span of a day. Do you see how wonderful and beyond human understanding the grace of God really is? HE is beyond sight, feelings and the ability to reason – HE is GOD!

Sovereign grace shows up in John 9:6,in the spit from the mouth of JESUS in the clay. JESUS put it on the blind man’s eyes and told him to go wash his face, and the man without faith came back seeing! Sovereign grace was in the spit.

In Acts 3:1-9 sovereign grace showed up in the touch of Peter. The man was looking to receive money, but at one touch, grace gave strength to his ankle bones. In Acts 517-20, sovereign grace showed up through an angel. Peter is released from prison by the angel. Sovereign grace showed up in the shadow of Peter and unbelievers were healed by the touch of a shadow. Sovereign grace showed upon in Acts 19 when Paul the Apostle took aprons and handkerchiefs from his body. Sovereign grace got in the cloths where even demon possessed men were set free. A demon possessed man has no faith. God’s sovereign grace, not a point of contact was in the cloth.

I could go on and on. Why? Because in the over 17 million bottles of Holy Anointed that have been sent out, the sovereign grace of GOD shows up. Thank GOD I listened when GOD spoke to me and said “If you pray over the olive oil, I will release my sovereign power. I will speak to those that receive the oil and I will tell them what to do with it”. To GOD be all the glory that way past 16 million bottles later, the wonder is still happening all over the world.

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